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Basic configuration

GraphQL Portal consists of two main components: Gateway and Dashboard. Respectively, there are two ways how we can configure the Gateway:

  • with a help of static files (JSON or YAML)
  • or with a Dashboard (in that case static files will be ignored even if present).

Configuring Gateway without dashboard#

Main configuration file of the Gateway is gateway.json|yaml, which should look like following:

"hostname": "localhost",
"listen_port": 3000,
"pool_size": 1,
"secret": "",
"apis_path": "config/apidefs",
"sources_path": "config/datasources",
"middleware_path": "config/middlewares",
"redis": { "connection_string": "redis://localhost:6379" },
"use_dashboard_configs": false,
"enable_control_api": false,
"log_level": "debug"

All the options above are required, see Gateway config reference for a full list of options.


The configuration must be located in config/gateway.json|yaml, which should be relative to the directory in which we launch the gateway.

It means that if we launch graphql-portal in /opt/graphql-portal then we will look for configuration file in /opt/graphql-portal/config/gateway.json|yaml).

Configuring Gateway with dashboard#

Coming soon