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Data Source Configuration

GraphQL Portal is based on GraphQL Mesh and uses it as a foundation for our own data sources. Thus, at the moment there are two types of data sources available:

  • Those provided by GraphQL Mesh
  • Our custom ones (which we call data connectors in the dashboard) and which quite often are inherited from various GraphQL Mesh data sources.

Adding data sources to an API Definition#

In order to add a data source to an API, you have to specify its filename in the source_config_names configuration option:

"name": "My First API",
"endpoint": "/my-first-api",
"source_config_names": ["my-data-source.yaml"]

Only the file name is required, the path is going to be resolved from the sources_path option in gateway.json.

Configuration of the data source#

The data source configuration file can be either json or yaml and follows the GraphQL Mesh format (in Mesh terms they are called input handlers).

Each data source has the following format:

name: MyDataSource

where handlerConfigurationObject will depend on the data source.

For example, the simplest GraphQL proxy configuration would look like that:

name: SimpleGraphQLProxy

Read more about the available data sources and their configuration options.